Bypass iCloud Lock

If you’re seeking a way to unlock your locked iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, Bypass iCloud Lock is the key to unlock your iDevice. For the record, Bypass iCloud Lock which is also known as the iCloud Bypass is a software tool acts as a third-party service to unlock any of your locked iDevices. If you’re an Apple device user you already know about their cloud service which is called iCloud. Each and every iDevice owner must create an iCloud account using a specific username and a password, and in any case, if your iDevice went locked, you can take the assistance of Bypass iCloud Lock.

Bypass iCloud Lock

Let’s start from the very beginning. If you’ve just bought a brand new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you’ll need to create an iCloud account with a username and a password as I mentioned before. The reason why you need to create this account is, iCloud helps you to keep your all the device data safe in an online storage. Okay, now you’ve created an iCloud account and stored your data on the server. What if you lose your username and password? Well, that’s the place where Bypass iCloud Lock pops up. This special tool of our will help you to unlock any of your locked Apple device using the method iCloud Activation.

When and Why Bypass iCloud Lock?

When do we need to activate iCloud? This is used most commonly whenever you bought a second-hand iDevice. When you just bought a second-hand iDevice from a seller or when you bought it from an online shopping market, there’s no way of knowing the username and password of the previous owner. In that situation, you’ll need our iCloud Bypass tool to activate iCloud.

Why Bypass iCloud Lock? The reason why you use our iCloud Bypass tool is to activate the iCloud lock. As I mentioned before, you won’t know the username and password of the previous owner of your newly bought second-hand iDevice. For that type of situation, you need a way to unlock the iCloud lock. And for that, iCloud Bypass is the best and the easiest way to get rid of your iCloud lock.

How to Bypass iCloud Lock?

Before knowing the process of iPhone iCloud bypass, you should be aware of the way you normally log into the iCloud account. If you have the original username and the password of the iCloud account, you have to first connect your iDevice to your PC or laptop. There, you’ll be connected to the official iCloud server and then you can use the username and password to log into the iCloud account. The system will check the entered details with the official iCloud and if it detects the username and password, the iDevice will be unlocked without causing any problems.

But, when you deal with our iCloud Bypassing tool, the process is somewhat different. Let’s see the process of Bypass iCloud Lock here.

  1. First of all, you must get the Bypass iCloud tool from the iCloud Bypass Pro site.
  2. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the PC or laptop and then it will try to make a connection with the official iCloud server.
  3. At the same moment, iCloud activation tool directs straightly for their cloud service which is created by Bypass iCloud Lock service provider.
  4. After all these, iCloud Bypass will help you to unlock the locked iDevice by acting just as the iCloud server.
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