iCloud Activation 2018

iCloud Activation 2018 is the latest version of the iCloud Bypass online tool and it is now available to all the compatible iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. If you are getting bothering from the iCloud lock on your iDevice, the best way to get rid of it is the iCloud Bypass. And when you do it, it is better if you can choose the latest version iCloud Activation 2018 because it is up to date in every aspect.

What is iCloud Activation 2018?

iCloud Activation 2018 is the best and the easiest way to bypass the iCloud lock. Let’s have a review from the very beginning. Every Apple device owner has an iCloud account which is the cloud service of Apple Inc. Each iDevice owner is given an iCloud space with the creation of an iCloud account. They get a specific username and a password for each and every iCloud account. In case if the device owner lost or doesn’t remember this username and password, he/she has to bypass the iCloud lock on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. And that is what called iCloud Activation 2018. What is interesting about this latest version of iCloud Activation is that its compatibility has been expanded up to the latest iDevices; iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X.iCloud Activation 2018

Why do we need iCloud Activation 2018?

We need iCloud Activation 2018 to activate the iCloud lock on any Apple device. iCloud doesn’t get locked without any reason. It gets locked because the user has no longer the Apple ID and password or the device has been stolen. The need for the iCloud Activation 2018 mostly comes when you bought a second-hand iDevice. If you have bought a second-hand iDevice from a thief or someone who is not the real owner of the device, you can’t get the Apple ID and password as even the seller doesn’t know it. Which means you cannot activate iCloud in the manner you were used to doing it. Therefore, you need to pick a proper iCloud Bypass tool and proceed iCloud Activation 2018.

What is Find My iPhone?

“Find My iPhone” is a security feature that Apple Inc gives to every iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is a location-based feature which is now mostly used for security purposes. You already know that Apple always thinks about the users’ secureness in every way. So this Find My iPhone option protects your important files on iCloud even when the device is lost or stolen. All it does is, uncloak the device’s location if it has gone lost or stolen.

Speaking of which the iCloud Activation 2018, if the original owner of your newly bought second-hand iDevice has enabled the Find My iPhone option, you can’t log into the iCloud account. Therefore, if you want to unlock iCloud, then you have to perform iCloud activation on your device. And that is where iCloud Activation 2018 comes in.

How does iCloud Activation 2018 work?

The process of iCloud Activation 2018 is much different from the normal way of iCloud activation lock. You first need to connect the iDevice to the PC and then the iTunes will recognize the device. In the same way of the general iCloud activation, iTunes tries to connect to the iCloud but, iCloud Bypass doesn’t allow you to do so. It makes you connect to a different server belongs to iCloud Bypass. Even then the iTunes doesn’t see any difference and it still believes it has logged into the iCloud server. Because of that iTunes is okay with the new server, then you can reset the username and the password. After all, you can finally own the device.

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