What is iCloud Activation?

iCloud Activation is a complex process that is related to Apple devices. You may be happened to do the iCloud Activation process with any of the Apple devices because this process is directly connected to the iCloud account. As every Apple device is connected to ones iCloud account sometimes Apple customers need iCloud Activation services to unlock their Apple devices. This process is also called as iCloud Bypass. What happens here is the iCloud Bypass Pro software or the tool bypasses your locked iPhone or any other locked Apple device and unlock it. Simply the software activates the iCloud and gives you the access back. The reason you need to activate or bypass iCloud is the iCloud Activation Lock and not having the Apple ID and the password. There are several instances that you might need iCloud Lock and sometimes it will be a headache for you.

iCloud Activation

iCloud Activation Lock

iCloud Activation Lock is an advanced security feature provided by iOS. This security feature is available on every iDevice. In general, we call this feature as “Find My iPhone” feature. This term changes with the device. Using this iCloud Activation Lock feature you can secure your iDevice from any theft and misplace. Most importantly this feature is only for Apple customers because this feature is not available on any other device. Using the Find My iDevice feature you can secure your iDevice basically in 3 Ways.

Lock iDevice – What happens here is, in any case, if you lose your iDevice you can lock it instantly by logging into your iCloud account. You can do this process no matter how far your iDevice is. Until you access the iDevice nobody cannot use it.

Erase Memory – This is the second option that you have to secure your iDevice and the valuable information on it. Just like in the previous situation if your iDevice is stolen or lost, you can log into your iCloud account and erase all the files and folders of the lost iDevice. So no one can access them.

Ring Mode – The other method is you can make your lost or stolen iDevice ring continuously until you find it. This method is very effective if you lose the iDevice close by.

Why You Need iCloud Activation Tool

There are a few reasons that you will need the help of an iCloud Activation Lock Bypass tool. One thing is an Apple device user can accidentally activate the iCloud Lock on their iDevice. In such situations, if you could not unlock the iDevice with your Apple ID and the password you will have to get the help of an iCloud Activation software. Or else there is no any other way to bypass iCloud and Activate iDevice.

On the other hand, iCloud Bypassing services are highly required for second-hand iDevices. Some people anyway try to get an iDevice from a third party dealer. And if you buy such an iDevice you may have to activate the device by bypassing the iCloud. The problem here is the iDevice might under the iCloud of the previous owner and the previous owner might lock the iPhone. In such situations, your only hope is an iCloud Activation tool. Because there is no any other way to bypass or unlock the iCloud and the iDevice.

How to Activate iCloud

Most of the times this bypassing service is needed for iPhones. Because there is a lot of iPhone user than other iDevice users. And since the iPhone is very much portable, there is a good chance of losing it. iCloud Activation is a highly complicated and critical process. First of all, you need to have the iCloud Unlocking tool. After having the tool you need to provide the IMEI number of your iPhone or any other locked iDevice. Then the iCloud Bypass service creates a duplicate iCloud and pretends that it is the official iCloud. Then the locked iDevice recognizes the duplicate iCloud as the official one. After that, through the duplicate iCloud, the activation software bypasses the iDevice and activate it.

iCloud Activation

What is iCloud?

iCloud is a very valuable service provided by the Apple developers for the Apple device users. Actually, this is a privilege that you get as an Apple device user. An iCloud account can only be created using an Apple device. Also, you cannot log into two iCloud accounts through the same iDevice at once. The important thing about the iCloud account is its ID and the password. Without those two you cannot access your iCloud. Simply iCloud is a storage. Apple developers have given you the privilege of saving your important images, videos, audio files and other important files on the iCloud space. This is a very secure way to save your important stuff.

Best iCloud Activation Tool

There are a number of tools for you to Activate iCloud. And you may have heard of several best iCloud Activation tools. Since this is regarding your valuable Apple device, you need to be very careful in selecting the best one. There are a few things that we recommend you to consider when selecting your iCloud Unlocking tool.

There are both paid and free iCloud bypassing services and tools. Most of the free tools cannot do the bypass process properly and they are fake services. Therefore we recommend you to choose a paid tool after a proper overview.

The most important thing is your security. Some fake services take the data from iDevices showing the face of iCloud Bypass. Thus you need to select a trusted and highly rated service.

Ratings and the recommendations of the previous users of the selected tool are very important when choosing the tool.

When selecting the tool you need to consider how long the bypassing service has been providing its services.

iCloud Activation Compatible Devices

iPhone – iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C,  iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X

iPad – All iPad mini versions, iPad 5th Generation, all iPad Air versions, all iPad Pro models

iPod – All iPod and iPod touch versions

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